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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is home care?

A. Home care is a caregiving service that assists those in need from the comfort of their own home. Even the smallest of comforts – sleeping in your own bed or drinking coffee from your favorite mug – can contribute to a more successful recovery and quality of life. A Reflection Home Care matches patients with a professional caregiver to assist them with a variety of home care services at the patient’s home.

Q. Who is Reflection Home Care?

A. Reflection Home Care is a group of caring individuals who – from personal experience – recognized the need for quality in home care services. After facing the challenge of finding a home care provider that we could trust, we embarked on a journey to create a reliable home care company that would provide families with the highest caliber of in-home care possible.

Q. How do I choose the right type of care?

A. Choosing the right caregiver and the right type of home care is one of the most important decisions you will make. Every member of the Reflection Home Care team – whether home health aide, social worker or other, is highly trained, trustworthy and professional. Let us know the specific condition of the person in need along with their daily requirements and we will recommend the best type of home care for your unique situation.

Q. Who considers home care services?

A. Many types of people may be in need of home care services, as it is not just limited to seniors and the elderly. Anyone with special needs or who needs assistance with the activities of daily life may benefit from in home care services.

Q. What are Companionship Services?

A. Perhaps a loved one is living on their own. Or maybe you are living with a senior family member that you cannot give your full attention to. This is where companionship home care services come in. Senior home companions help fill the social gap that comes with age. They monitor and protect a senior’s safety, health and wellness, handle everyday household tasks, and, of course, provide social interaction.

Q. What is the difference between medical care and non-medical care?

A. Medical care is defined by care provided in the home by a licensed medical professional, like a nurse or physical therapist. Non-medical care focuses on helping patients with the daily activities they need to function in life while being safe and healthy.

Q. How are caregivers selected?

A. We only employ professional, highly qualified caregivers. Our caregiver team is a dedicated and caring group of people who provide exceptional human services that enhance the lives of individuals requiring high quality in home care. Each caregiver goes through an extensive interviewing process to ensure they 100% fit for the job.

Q. Do we get to choose our caregiver?

A. Client input is highly encouraged. Based on feedback from satisfied clients, many agree that personality is an important factor for a successful match. We work closely with each patient and family to understand what traits and skills are desired in a caregiver. Should a patient have issues with a caregiver at any time, contact us and we will refer another caregiver at no additional cost.

Q. What makes Reflection Home Care different from other home care services?

A. Put simply, A Reflection Home Care genuinely cares about our patient’s health and happiness. Through passion, knowledge and personal experience, we recognized a need for quality home care services with an affordable price tag. We are a caring group of people dedicated to providing quality home care services of the highest caliber. When choosing Reflection Home Care, rest assured you are receiving the best care possible from people who care.

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